Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lack of inspiration. I want to create a bucket list. 2014may not be special in anything particular, but I can not resist a fresh new year. Like a book i've never read or a fresh notebook. Maybe i'll become a famous blogger this year and make tons of money just on daily feelings and thoughts, and have tons of people, want to pick my brain. What a dream, and a distant one at that. Especially if my inspiration continues to be so spotty. 

I'm overshooting on my goals, but I guess that's better than expecting nothing of myself.

-> Do a devotion blog post every day
-> Cook lots of yummy meals with my husband
-> Take more photos
-> Frame them
-> Walk closer to Jesus
-> Watch less netflix and more sunrises
-> Get up earlier and go to bed earlier
-> Eat more greens and less processed food
-> Eat fresh fruit
-> Love my body like my husband does
-> Photograph more babies
-> Maybe conceive my own
-> Drink more herbal tea
-> Be unique 
-> Try a strawberry latte
-> Fewer status updates
-> Think more
-> Love more
-> Girls night with my best friend becoming regular

-> Be happier than ever

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