Wednesday, January 8, 2014

God and My Husband vs. Addiction

This has been hard to talk about ever since I quit, given that some people in my life didn't know what I had an addiction to begin with, but it has been a little over a year since I quit smoking, and I couldn't possibly be more thankful. I was smoking probably a 3/4 of a pack a day or more, when I met my husband. He didn't like it, but he didn't try and stop me. He just told me how bad it was for me, and let me keep smoking. I had been dealing with such bitter heartbreak, and sadness and stress in my life, that smoking was my getaway. I didn't smoke to be "cool" like the other people around me who smoked. I smoked when I was upset, when i was stressed, when I was sad, whenever I felt any kind of emotion except happy. Which seemed to be more often than not. It was ruining my wallet, and ruining my health, but I couldn't stop. I felt like I needed them, to keep me calm. I could feel myself depending on them more and more, as Dyllon and I became closer. One day, outside of Sheetz, he blew my mind, i'll never ever forget it. He reached over, just as I had lit up, and he put it out with his hand. He just grabbed the smoldering end of the cigarette, and burned it out with his fingers. I can't remember ever being so shocked with someone. As I think back on it now, It was such a genuine, form of caring, from someone who barely knew me, that I will probably only experience once. It was like, he couldn't control it, and he did exactly what he'd been wanting to do. Once we started dating, I quit. I couldn't do it anymore without feeling bad for him. I snuck a couple in our first month, and once he found out he was incredibly upset, and since then I have not looked at a cigarette the same. I can't do it. Why would I shorten my life and ruin my health? Especially when I've been blessed with such a caring, loving husband such as mine. I love him more than anything for changing my life. A ton of migraines, cravings even today, and a bunch of money saved later, my lungs are healthier now, and I am so thankful for my husband for helping me let it all go.  For helping our future children, and for helping my lungs. Talk about a life changer. Talk about a life saver. 

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