Friday, February 7, 2014

Home is where the money goes, but should that matter?

Yes. I've gotten behind it seems. I am really sorry for this. But be prepared, because you have 3 different rants coming your way, and a couple of my "January/February Favorites". SO!


Welllllll.... let's start young love. I won't say what inspired me to write this post, but I was none the less, inspired. The question on my mind, is WHY THE HECK IS YOUNG LOVE SO WRONG?

This bothers me. I myself, have been "in love" 3 times. I do count each and every time as being in love, because I know how my heart feels when it's in love. I loved these three, during different points on my life, and loved them in very different ways. I loved them for different reasons, and each of them made me who I am because of that love.
In no order,
One taught me what it is like to fall for your best friend. What it's like to not care about what other people think, to feel like you need someone to survive.
One taught me what it feels like to be so unsure and so confident all at the same time.
And one taught me what it's like to truly trust someone with every aspect of your life, and what it's like not to be judged for your wrong doings.
What I don't understand is why parents these days see it as such a wrong, and unrealistic thing to love at the age of 16. I am 22 years old, and as I look back, I feel confident in saying that I did love the people I thought I loved then. My feelings on that have not changed. I don't see why adults these days don't see it possible, for humans to be in love if they're under the age of 18. Sure your definition of love matures as you grow older, and love matures as you grow older, but that doesn't mean, when I was 16 years old that I didn't fall in love for the very first time. It doesn't mean that you can't love more than once. If you can love God, at 16, then you can love another person at 16. It never fails to just irk me when I see or hear someones parent tell them that they don't know what love is. Now I will say, I don't believe that you can fall in love with someone in 2 weeks. That's a completely different story. You have to learn someone's soul before you can love it. At least from my experience. I'm not going to say that it's the only truth, but it's definitely what i've seen. I feel, if you can UNDERSTAND love, then you can do it. But you have to understand it. I do not have a doubt in my mind that people love, at all ages.

End first rant

How about debt. And the attitude of "I don't have any".
Sure Dyllon and I are buying a house. The cutest little house.
I can't wait to make it ours. I feel so good about this. But all I have heard, is this.




jeez. I want people to understand the way I see things. First of all. God is on my side. I could end it there. Whhy would I even begin to think that things won't work out in my favor when HE is carrying me?! Negativity may not kill, but it'll get you slapped. Second, I'm not going to be in debt forever. Believe it or not, i'm a twenty something, married to another twenty something, and we BOTH know how to handle our finances. We don't spend all our money on things we don't need, we don't party, we don't waste money, we have our priorities in line. We are ready for this.
We are tired of renting. Gah, and plus, our house payment, is going to be less than our rent now, in a place twice as large, better, nicer, and including all the insurance.
Plus, for goodness sake, it belongs to us. We're not settling, we're STARTING. We're beginning our home life as "The Cavanaugh's" Who knows, start a family. Either way. We're building the foundation of what is to come. We're married. IT'S IN GOD'S HANDS! We researched this honestly in depth before we considered buying. We shopped around, looked at tons, called about tons, and found this place. We prayed and prayed and prayed. This is it guys, let's throw a party!

End second, and slightly more intense rant.

Prepare for more tomorrow, but this is all I can manage tonight. I work first in the morning, and i've had my nose in a book all night.

This one.
Jefferson Bethke. Check his stuff out.

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