Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We've gotta catch up sometime.

Well, since there's no snow. :| And i'm sitting here doing nothing at all, (besides trying to stay warm) Maybe i'll blog a little. I have been slacking major, after I was doing so good with the daily blog.

Huffington Post inspires me. I saw this post today, and it had be feeling so much better about my life, and the stress seemed to float away. 

Things To Know, Understand and Live By:
1. It's OK to think you're awesome. 
2. Choose yourself. 
3. Twenty seconds of courage is all you need when you're feeling fearful or anxious.
4. Ask for help. 
5. Stop being so jaded. 
6. Forgiveness and acceptance are freeing and necessary to maintain peace of mind. 
7. It's OK to change your mind on anything, big or small, at any time.
8. Make the time to foster your creativity, always.
9. Don't be afraid of change.
10. It's OK to not be friends with people anymore. 
11. Choose Love.
To Do:
12. Cook. 
13. Learn a second language fluently. 
14. Back up my phone and computer regularly. 
15. Treat the weekends as more than just a time to go out. There's something sacred in having 48+ hours of consecutive free time to do things you can't usually do on the weekday... things that go beyond just going out. Examples include hanging with loved ones in a non-party setting, reading, sleeping, writing, creative endeavors, catching up with long-distance family and friends, cleaning, learning a new skill and spending quality time alone.
16. Relearn history/Watch the news. 
17. Live abroad for at least six months. 
18. Learn self defense.
19. Stop biting my nails. It's just a gross habit.
20. Have a savings account. 
21. Appreciate and spend quality time with my parents more. 
22. Make my bed every day and eat breakfast. It just feels more adult-like to make my bed in the morning and eat a healthy first meal.
23. Take care of my body. 
24. Have better posture.
25. Stop being addicted to technology. I want to stop checking my phone, emails and Facebook first thing in the morning/last thing at night, as well as throughout the day as much as I do.
(Source: The Huffington Post)

Definitely some words to live by :)
Got my wheels a'turnin.
I'm so easily inspired lately. Everything I see and do in life, bring me to love being on this earth more. I have developed the ability to find the beauty in everything.

Like, yesterday, I went on a walk down main street, and I just decided to take photos of everything I saw. I saw so many different things, that were simple and beautiful without even trying.

discovering simple beauties in life are what seem to make me the most happy as of now.

I've been so busy, but I've been thinking non stop, about things I wanna see and do with life, from finding the perfect house, to finding the perfect black flats.

From finding a chevron shower curtain, drinking more smoothies, life has become such an inspired adventure. 

I want to hang nothing but black and white pictures in my house, but I want them to be in colored frames. Two purple frames I received as wedding gifts were my inspiration for that. 

I've also been making a playlist of songs that make me happy, and remind me of good times.

Imagine Dragons - It's Time
Helpless When She Smiles - BSB
Some Nights - FUN
Devils Den - Skrillex
If It Means A Lot To You - ADTR
Lights - Ellie Goulding
Something to Believe in - Parachute
Doing It Wrong - Drake
Kiss Me When I'm Down - Gary Allen
Always Attract - You Me At Six
Hot Revolver - Weezy
Get Your Shine On - Florida Georgia Line
We'll Be Fine - Drake
Personal - Stars
Just The Way You Are (Cover) - Boyce Avenue
Natalie - Bruno Mars
One Thing - One Direction
Hands All Over Me - Maroon 5
The Time - Black Eyed Peas
Smother Me - The Used
You and I - Lady Gaga
Drunk On You - Luke Bryan
Will You Be There - MJ
Louder Than Thunder - TDWP
We'll Be A Dream - WTK
All Me - Drake

My list is eternal. Not complaining. 
This list definitely comes in handy on nights where i'm like, I am gonna listen to nothing but sad songs and drown in my sadness. sad sad. 
Sad sad sad.

I've also decided that I am going to spend much more time heating healthy, and less time calling myself fat. Where will that get me? Nowhere. 
I also need to write more letters, and draw more often. 
Tattoos are coming as well, this summer, once Dyllon and I get our money right..

**naaa….naa…na na, wait'll I get my money right**
Maybe i'll finally be brave enough to get the half sleeve. In honoring my Papaw, I think I can pull it off.

I guess i'll end my rant now, but one more thing.

The layout here is new? Do you like it?

Leave me a comment, I like one every now and then. i know Y'all follow me, drop in and say hi!

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