Thursday, December 26, 2013

2k14 is closing in fast.

Woo! Anyone else more ready than I am for a fresh clean start?
I have really been praying for 2014. I feel as though my life could change more than it already has, if I break free and allow God to carry me through. Keeping my focus front and center has definitely been a regular challenge for me, given that I tend to be all over the place, and can't keep my mind on one thought before it drifts to something I consider better. I have resolutions. Not just cheesy, typical ones, though some are repeats from years before. I'm not going to say i'll try harder this year because I won't know until I get there, but I definitely have some goals set. Let's see what I can accomplish.

>Be a healthier eater.
This doesn't mean, never eat a McDouble, or never drink sweet tea. This means, be healthier. i LOVE healthy foods, spinach, and veggies, I love it all, I just need to focus, not on what's easy access. But what's good for me. So what if it costs a little more? Healthy food = Healthy body. This means I'll feel good, and look good. YAY. Now only to stay motivated.

>Build my credit.

>Get rid of half the junk in my house.
This will probably happen before the new year even begins. My house has definitely taken a turn for the worse, and I really should just clean it, but I feel like, whenever i'm home and have free time to do so,  I just, sleep. Or watch tv. But it's getting unbearable at this point. I have to do something.

>Get a new house. Our first house.

>Be more crafty.

>Hang pictures.

>Start our family.

>Paint my kitchen red.

>Cook dinner once a week if not more.

>Have a dining room table.
This requires a dining room. it will happen.

>Let my relationship with the Lord continue to burn bright.

>Get more tattoos, unless I become pregnant.

Let's see if I can get some of this done.
I have full faith in myself.

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