Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nothing like Christmas not feeling like Christmas, to open up your eyes.

This Christmas has been so different. I have learned more, in the past couple of days than I have in years. I feel like my life has completely turned around. It has really helped me reflect on this past year and lessons learned.  I have also learned things about myself. Inspired by Ashley Marshall, I will make a list of life changing this I've learned. But to make myself different, I'm going to elaborate on some of the reasons, why I have learned these lessons. Let's ride away shall we?

1.| Family is family. But only if they play the part.
This is one of the biggest things I have learned. I have seen family love me, and I have seen family turn on me, in such a short period of time. I feel as though I might be wise beyond my years when it comes to love for family. It never meant that much to me until it was pretty much all that I had or needed. When my paw paw died, so many people swarmed in on my maw maw, trying to get some money from her, this, and that. And that is just not family! That's materialistic needs. And that's not what it's about. I am just hoping and praying for the people that need to learn that.

2.| I'm obsessed with weddings.
Yes, i got married 3 and a half months ago. But that is not my reasoning. I could watch "Say Yes to the Dress" for HOURS. I love the idea of couples devoting their love, their undying commitment to eachother. And of course, I love the girly parts of it. The dress, make up, the excitement. This helps me feel more and more like I am supposed to be a wedding photographer. I want to dive into all of it. That's why i'm so excited for when my best friend gets to start her wedding planning. I can't wait to help :)

3.| Where I am, is NOT my dream job, but for now, it will be okay.
I am so unbelievably blessed to have a job, but I feel like my creativity is being smothered. If that makes any sense. I just think freelance is my calling, but I want to have that as a steady occupation. I want to know that I will get paid. I want to make a living out of what I love to do. I know it will come to me, It's possible. I can do this.

4.| No matter where I am, what I do, God is going to carry me.
This doesn't need an explanation. I have drawn so close to God this year. I am so thankful for that.

5.| My creativity is overwhelming.
I want to fly around like a butterfly on a regular basis. I want to sew, and paint and draw, and take photos, and clean, and sing, and everything. I don't want to have a predictable life. This kind of ties in with #3 and #2. I wish I had the patience to do things on pinterest. But i just don't.

6.| I clearly have too much on my plate.
When i'm not working, i'm sleeping. I'm cleaning, I'm planning. I never have time to rest. But I guess it's okay, because if i had nothing to do, I would hate life. I just need to tap the brakes now and then, and I know that. It's just doing it, that's the problem.

7.| We don't like cleaning in my house.
Dyllon and I are terrible for letting the house get out of control, and especially since exam week we really just haven't done a thing. I'm just PRAYING, that we can whittle away at it, until it's where at least I want it to be.

8.| I want to be a mom, have a house, travel the world, and work out daily.
.......I'm crazy.

There's so much more coming. But this must be the end for now. I promise i'll continue. I always have more to say.

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