Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Tales of a selfish wife. 
I've only been married 3 days, and i'm already feeling like a bad wife. I've basically been training myself to be supportive of all of his choices and decisions and to hold him up and pray for him as he protects me and our home. Today, he had an interview to move up in the company we used to work for together. He will be moving to a higher position, be a manager, and he will be making more money. He will be able to support us and our marriage better, but it has me apprehensive. We just got married, and now he's not only going to be working in Yadkinville, he will be working 3rd Shift in Yadkinville…. The only time I ever see him anyways, is at night before bed, and he won't be home then now. I know i'm being selfish, and I'm really supposed to be praying for him, and being thankful that he has this opportunity. But I love him, and I want to see him. But that future is looking dim. I just pray that I can handle it. 

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