Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trying day.

I think today has been the most trying day of the week thus far. Hopefully it doesn't get much worse, even though i'm sure it will. I'm trying to keep my faith up, as well as my chin, because, at the end of the week, i'm going to be Mrs. Cavanaugh, whether i've gotten everything ready or not. But God carries me through, and Granny helps.

This woman. 
has helped me more than she could possibly realize. I would be up a creek if it weren't for her kind words and encouragement every step of the way. My relationship with her has required a large amount of effort though. She didn't instantly love me, she didn't even instantly like me. I spent a good majority of my time with Dyllon during our first 6 months or so, crying because I was sure she hated me. I felt as though I was never going to be good enough for D in her eyes, and that I was nothing but a homewrecker. She even told him that before we started our relationship. That he would regret ending his previous relationship to begin a new one with me. The struggle was undeniable. But it all is starting to come together, as she realizes that her beloved grandson has such a deep love for me, and that I genuinely care for him, and the entire Cavanaugh family as a while, she has come full circle. I find myself going to her for advice with almost everything. She calls me a "Cavanaugh Woman" and tells me she loves how Godly I am. She tells me she loves me. She does all these nice things, and it makes me feel so good about myself. Maybe I am good enough after all. I am so undeserving of the Cavanaugh name, and yet, I am receiving it, in 4 days. I am truly blessed. 
Thank you God. 
For everything.

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