Monday, July 8, 2013

I've come this far?

I'm getting there guys!
I'm getting married in 69 days!
And I need to be way smaller than this. But this is way smaller than I was 2 weeks go. I have really done a decent job with clean eating and trying to be active. I know i'm still a lil chub, but if you had seen me before you would understand. I have suffered with my body image for a long time, I have never had a problem with my legs, arms, boobs, or anything like that. Since I was old enough to understand that girls were skinnier than me, I have thought I was fat. Dyllon looks at me and touches every inch of my body and tells me how much he loves it, and I still to this day, don't understand him. I don't see what he sees. He sees this sexy beautiful woman, who has curves and not fat rolls. But all i see when I look in the mirror, is love handles, and rolls, and celulite. Nothing pretty about it. But I glance in the spare bedroom and I see that wedding dress hanging there, and I get inspired. I have to fit into that dress! I can't imagine going to the bridal shop to get it fitted, or even putting it on, my wedding day and realizing that it doesn't fit. With my friends and GOD's help. I can do this! I CAN!

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