Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is it Breezy in here or is it just me?

Oh. It is.
some of his songs, (Such as Superhuman) still make me cry. I'm doing a tailspin down memory lane tonight. Chris Brown playlist deafening my poor ears. They don't care. I love him, all of his songs, I'm SO happy right now. I enjoy the memories. I am me because of where I have been. Breezy sang the soundtrack to my memories. When I think about all the hard times, I found a Breezy song for it. 
YOOOOOO! I know you're tryna leave but excuse me miss, I saved the last dance for you.

I should be sleeping but sometimes I just wanna listen to music. Tonight, Pandora told me to listen to some Breezy. So i'm flashbacking tonight. 

Take You Down.
Gimme That.
I Can Transform Ya.

I had a day for all of them.
I feel like he is one of the ONLY artists, that I have liked ALL his songs.. I mean, look what happens when I type "Chris Brown" into my iTunes search.
sorry. pointless rambling tonight. I guess i'ma do dance now :)


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