Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's what time?

I guess it would be in my best interest to be asleep. But i'm not. Dyllon is here next to me, opening his eyes every ten minutes and saying he's not asleep, but I know he is. I'd rather him be asleep than awake at this time of the night, he gets ill. Anytime he's asleep or needs to be, he's ill. But most of the time, I love him. Haha no, I love him all the time, most of the time I like everything about him... ;)

God is a cool guy. He's really blessed me.
He has blessed me with patience that's for sure, especially after the night I had at Sheetz. My stupid ex pranced his stupid as in and started playing with our vacuum cleaner, and ended up fucking up the filter in it. Because he's a child. I get shaky and angry when he's around. Tense. I don't know why. 
..I don't talk to anyone about it because no one cares. But that anger will never leave me.

Even after he's long gone.

My past with him does't matter. Especially not to me. But damn I wish he'd quit tempting me.


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