Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm a blushing what?

okay maybe i lied a little. but i didnt know i was lying at the time i promise!! i said i missed work, and i did... but now that i have been here for 5 hours.. maybe i dont miss it. lol. my feet hurt and i want to go home... and on top of that, my computer is fucked up. the freaking mouse pad has a seizure everytime i touch it. so naturally it wont let me click on anything i want to click on...so that makes me mad. Im ready.. for Friday when I get to go get my dress, a green tea frap, and i get to go to Dru's show :) day off well spent if I do say so myself. Oh the small things i look forward to. I think im finally starting to feel like a 'blushing bride'....whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.


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