Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's hump day?

You know, I have never understood that statement. Well.. I take that back. I understand what "hump day" means, but everytime I say it or someone else does, I always see people standing around humping eachother. And that's not me being a perv, it's a normal assumption. But regardless, it's Wednesday. Nothing special about today. Pandora is shaking my apartment and my butt has been glued to this chair since I got up. Except for when I did 150 crunches while ago. I'ma blame that on Sammi. I should probably eat something, but I really just wanna go back to bed. I'm sleepy still. I was up until after 2 last night because everytime I work the midnight shift, it wires me and I can't seem to get calm enough to go to sleep until way later. I gotta do it again tonight. I blame Sheetz for my fatness. I don't think I'm ridiculously fat, but I think I could look better for sure. I used to be smaller, but i was also depressed. So, it's kind of a bittersweet situation I guess. I looked good but I didn't feel good, about myself at all. I was running around with all kinds of bad people and doing all kinds of bad things. But guys were drooling over my every move. Something I will never understand, but then again, that's how I met Dyllon, so maybe it's not so bad that I was a bad kid. That has changed. 

Dang.. I'm alll like "yipee i wanna be skinny" and then 2 seconds later, i'm like "OOOOH... I want a baby" 
Those don't mix you idiot. Use your brain. 

I just tried to look for my old "DailyBooth" profile... Apparently it doesn't exist anymore. Haha dang. Another memory gone. 

I really need to go eat something.. My stomach is like, vibrating. Guess I will do that, then I'll probably end up taking a nap. Or creeping on this computer some more. Lol. No life kids. No life..

I'm getting married in 88 days.

That's right folks. This is off the market for good ;) Psh, who am I kidding. I am like that nasty food that gets pushed to the back of the shelf, No one ever went to the market for me anyway lol. 

Um... My invitations aren't even printed yet. This is a problem.


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