Monday, June 24, 2013

Board games? Now?

Well, I printed off my invitations today. 185 of those suckers. It took 3 hours but we got work done. I am proud of us. It seems to have really settled into my brain, that i'm getting married. Kinda SOON. And by kinda soon, I mean like, 80 days. Maybe sooner. I made a list tonight while I was waiting on Dyllon to get off work, of things I needed to do, like buy gifts for my bridesmaids, and get a veil, and a garter. 
I really REALLY want victorias secret lingerie for my wedding night.
And I want a shirt that says "Bride".
And I wanna be skinny. (not realistic)
And tan. (^)
But none the less, realistic or not, my hopes still chill.

It's like, I wanna be all sexy and wear lingerie for Dyllon (for the first time) on our wedding night. But some of that stuff, I feel like he would laugh if he saw me in it. I mean really. What is this.

on that note. 

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