Sunday, January 12, 2014

Well good morning...ish!

After spending most of the evening watching movies, messing with my hair, and eating cheese nips, I am STILL AWAKE. Haha. I spent most of the day sleeping it away Dyllon, since he got home from work, so I guess you could say that my sleeping schedule is a little lopsided. It just seems that my body is getting more and more needy when it comes to Dyllon. Trying to sleep without him is almost near impossible anymore, which isn't good for me at all, especially when it comes to me working during the day! AGGGH! I don't want to say i'm obsessed with him but there is just, that comfort there. Without him here, i'm just sitting here, like, la. lala. la. What now. For now I feel fine, who knows how i'm going to feel once I get home from church. 

I feel like i'm just ranting now. Maybe i'll write a meaningful blog post in a bit, after I drink my coffee. 

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