Monday, January 6, 2014

Just a reccomendation

I need you guys to watch these guys. I'm not crazy on youtube, I don't do much, or watch much besides music. Except for the Trippy's. CTFxC are so inspiring. I can't even believe how amazing these people are. They have been filming their vlogs every single day for almost 5 years. Throughout it all, they have gotten married, and a home, and Charles had a tumor removed (on video, for sure!) And then Charles found out he has cancer, and throughout their daily vlogs, he is fighting it, and this man is so positive. His wife is positive. They are so inspiring and blessed people. And they cheer me up every day. I get excited when I see their new videos. I am just recommending them. Just check them out. They are the true meaning of "Through sickness and in health"

Goodnight // Good Morning guys.

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