Monday, January 6, 2014

Family night.

This is my view currently.
the men are playing games. The men being my husband and his brothers, and I am in my fluffy chair, basking in my blessings, and going crazy over God's love. My cup is overflowing to the max tonight. I am just getting a peek of what I will get in the future. Family. Real family. The fact that you don't need others to have a good night. That fun nights don't have to involve any more than family. Sure i'm not playing, but at least I still feel involved. I definitely see myself become one of those family women, who doesn't hang out with much of anyone, except for my best friend, and my family. My husband and his family, and my family as company, seems to be my source of happiness. And I'm completely okay with that. I am blessed to have such comfort of the home. These people are such beauties, such pure, fun spirited souls, that I couldn't even imagine myself being around anyone else from now until forever. I have really learned, the meaning of "family is forever" with family there is no drama. (For the most part) No judgement (Also for the most part) and no reasons to be unhappy. This is what happiness is. I feel myself growing, and becoming more of an adult. And definitely more of a homebody. I love cozy nights like this, listening to the boys argue over the game, a movie playing in the background, with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. Like I said, basking in my blessings.

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