Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am a third shift wife.

I see more sunrise photos coming.

My name is Jessica Louise Cavanaugh, and I have third shift wife syndrome.
This tragic, and unfortunately common syndrome of wives of hard working husbands, has many different side effects, from extreme to mild.

1. Taking way to many selfies, and messing with filters.
Yay glare.

2. Listening to a specific playlist of either songs from my wedding, or sad songs that make me cry. Either choice, I become emotional, and cry. 

3. Spending 2 hours in the bathtub, watching old tv shows until the water is cold and all the bubbles have popped. 

4. Staring at myself in the mirror and picking parts of me that I need to fix because I hate how I look sometimes. Gr. 

5. Searching for tons of diets, telling myself I will start eating healthy tomorrow. Always. This one I need to just put into action and get it over with. 

6. Praying. I spend so much time praying for my and my husband's future, our jobs, home buying, family starting and for patience. That's something I really need to work on. 

7. I probably spend a good 30 minutes every night making myself mad. I for some reason slip into this place where I get jealous for no reason, I start asking Dyllon if there are any girls talking to him, or blah blah blah, but after like I said, 30 minutes or so, i'm over it for the most part. 

8. Creepy, paranoid, side of youtube. Yoouu know you've been there too. That part of youtube where people post about UFO's and the end of the world, and loud "unexplained noises" ? Yeah. I get there too sometimes, but I try not to stay long because if I do, there is NO chance of sleeping.

9. Trying to sleep. I DO this, I promise, but then I end up scrolling through instagram or watching a Jenna Marbles video for the 19th time, or something like that. And before I know it hours have passed. 

10. Overthinking everything.
That's it.

11. Dancing like i'm sexy through the bedroom.
This happens. I have no shame.

12. Watching vines. About everything. 

13.  Plucking my eyebrows. This happens like every day. I probably won't have any left before it's over with. 

14. Watching Say Yes to the Dress.
I swear, I watch at least 4 or 5 episodes of this every single night. Well, I guess it counts as watching, It's really just background noise for when i'm on tumblr. Haha. 

15. Contemplating letting my stretched ears grow back up. But then I never do.

16. Draw tattoos. If anyone needs a design. I've got you covered.

17. Think about Dyllon and look at pictures of him. Lol. Yes. I do this. 

18. Read through old conversations and look at old pictures of everything. 

19. Start to get hungry but I fight it off. 

Yeah. Sorry for that but I just thought i'd share my patheticness with others.


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