Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Beautiful,
I love you. I just want you to know how perfect you are for me, when it comes to a best friend. I don't know what I would do without you. You help me more than you could possibly know, just by being there. Even if we haven't talked that day, I know if I needed you, I could call you. I am so proud of what you have become. You are beautiful, smart, a completely inspiring mom, and you'll be the most amazing wife one day. Jake sure is blessed to have you. I know life gets hard on you sometimes, and you feel like everyone is working against you, but I want you to know that, despite our questionable past, i'll never work against you. Our friendship has been nothing less than a journey, with more milestones, and rewards, and falls, than any I have ever heard of. I am so happy that as we got older, we stopped trying to find reasons to not be friends, and we just let what is supposed to happen, happen. Which is be best friends, twins, soul sisters and sisters in Christ. We have been placed into this friendship together for the long run, and for a reason. Whether it's so I can hug you, and tell you how wonderful you are when you feel like you're not going to move further into your future. Or whether it is because so you can talk me down from my impatience, when it comes to wanting to make my family grow. We are the so different sometimes, but more often than not, we are so the same, it's almost scary. Whether it's learning raps so we can be awesome and on point, or laughing at something totally inappropriate, we are completely twinning, constantly. In the way God put Dyllon on the earth for me, I totally believe that he put YOU on the earth for me. I am so proud of you. You have grown so much since we've been friends, (which is weird, I know, given that you're older) But our relationship has matured so much. You know me inside and out, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I'm done ranting now. 

I love you, again.

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