Monday, November 25, 2013

What is family.

I guess as of late, I have come up with a somewhat new depiction of what I see when I hear the word family. As thanksgiving draws near, and my best friend continues to inspire me on a daily basis, I begin to really think family, and not only the role they play in my life, but what they mean to me.
Let's see. Family.
Family can have such a deep meaning, so much deeper than a blood relative. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful for my relatives. They are all such warm loving souls (give or take a few) and they love me through all conditions, throughout my flaws. That's something that can not be replaced, nor changed, which is such a wonderful blessing from God. 

but then again, family has grown. Family is more than just people that share the same blood. The same name, the same family. Family means more. There are people that want me in their family now, people I never knew until this year. What a tremendous blessing that is, to be accepted by people, who you're completely new to. What an exquisite gift.

And as if that was not family enough, my blessings continue to overflow, I not only have married family, and blood family, but I have other family. A group of people, who treat me as if I am their relative, and have been all along. How could I possibly be more covered in blessings, and surrounded in love. It's impossible to describe. 

I have all I need in life. I'd be shameful to ask for more.

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