Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's de-stress shall we?

Last night, was a tiny bit of a breakdown. I don't really wanna elaborate. Just had a little snag in the wedding, and then had a realization that, I have too much on my plate and I can't take any of it off, but it's okay, because I have a husband to be, who holds my hand, tells me it'll be okay. I have a God who holds me close, and tells me "follow me" and I have the ability, to overcome. Work is busy, school is intense.
But my wedding is in 24 days. 
My heart races as it gets closer. 
I can't wait.

My one year anniversary with Dyllon is Friday.

How did I relax tonight?

had something to say.

I don't like arguing. but Dyllon and I did last night. I don't coordinate myself well, I do things I want to do over things I need to do. Instead of doing homework, I wanted to take pictures. And his frustrations with me, triggered an hour of tears. But God brings me through my frustrations, and it all ends up okay.
And I got a good photo out of it too :)

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