Sunday, August 18, 2013

I learned something from someone yesterday.

Choose to focus on Dyllon’s strengths.
I am constantly seeing negativity. I let the sad things, overshadow the wonderful things in my relationship with Dyllon. Why does it seem to work this way sometimes? I cried out the other night, feeling like a failure, feeling like my relationship with him, was nothing but constant efforts that fail. He's wonderful! What am I missing? Why do I see things as bad after bad, instead of lesson after lesson. He loves me. God loves me! He made Dyllon for me, negative and positive, until death do us part. Every weakness Dyllon has, I make up for in strength, and vice versa. My soul longs to be the perfect wife, Dyllon has always dreamed of marrying. When else do I have to go after. That is the perfect goal. Our wedding, is exactlly 4 weeks from today.
OH my goodness, God give me peace. For my heart feels like it's gonna explode from my chest. It's going to be the perfect day. I can't believe how fast it has come. It is 5:07, on August 18th.. 4 weeks from today, from this moment. I will be walking down the isle. HALLELUJAH. I can't even fathom this. This is going to be so amazing. I have no negative thoughts right now. I'm so happy. 

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