Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm way to emotional?

Well, here it goes guys.
I'm having the period from hell. I feel like someone is kicking me in the ovaries every few seconds. I feel like mother nature is punishing me for not being pregnant or something. It's working my nerves and my mood, and ever since I got home from taking Dyllon to work, every little thing has either made me sad, or really pissed me off. 

Like, the lady that lives below us. GOSH. I don't think she realizes.. that she has neighbors. This is an appartment building, not her personal house. Does she not see that her car is not the only car parked out front!? Good lord, all she ever does is scream at her little boy. I have been living here like 4 days and every time I hear her, she's screaming. She cusses at him, using ungodly language, slams stuff, blasts her music, and every other thing under the sun. I wonder if the other neighbors, have said anything about it. But she was cleaning her appartment out all day today and I saw her take her car to two apartments up the little street here, which gives me hope that maybe she moved up there!! :D:D Because I really don't want to be that bitchy neighbor, that has to complain about noise.

I need a latte. A green tea latte. 


David's Bridal called me about an hour ago, they left me an email letting me know that my wedding dress had arrived at the store, and that I needed to go pick it up... (?)
WHAT? It's not August.. Why is my dress ready already? So I naturally called the store back to try to figure out what the hell was going on.
Turns out I have to go pick it up, and then take it back in July for alterations........
Don't get me wrong, I am excited to go get my dress, but I don't wanna wait until July to have it altered. I was hoping to kind of CHECK it off my list of a bazillion things I need to do. But no.
I have to go get it. Take it home and stare at it for a month and then take it back and be without it for another month. I DO NOT like this. I want to have it, altered and finished... Stupid! Geez..
But regardless, I guess I won't be to much of a bridezilla, and take my happy ass down to Winston on Friday and get it, so I can stare at a dress that doesn't fit me for a month...

Plus, All of my friends, are busy so I am probably going to have to go get it alone.. Even Dyllon has to work, even though I wouldn't take him anyways. He CAN'T see THIS dress..
Boo. Against the rules. Blah blah, bad luck.

I feel so tense, that kind of tense when it kinda feels like you're choking.. And now i'm listening to the Jonas Brothers. They don't solve my problems like they used to.

Latte sure would be nice. too bad I have no money.. or no life. 


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