Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Because I don't want everyone to know about my hard times

(On Facebook)

Nothing annoys me more lately, then those statuses, where everyone's like "I started 2013 a mess" or whatever, theres like a huge paragraph AND the little --->continue reading button at the bottom, and when you click it, there's like, a novel. 
Or dang, create a note, or anything like that. You don't tell your life story, on a status. The point of a status, is to say what you're doing at the time. Not everything you've done your entire life for the past 365 days. BAH, end rant.

On that note, I'm going use my blog, the way it can be used. 

The beginning of 2013, I was terrified that my life was never going to move forward. I was stuck at a restaurant making food, (which I loved, but still, I felt stuck) I was struggling through school. Trying to find myself, trying to figure out whether or not my boyfriend and I were in it for the long run, or if he was going to try and find someone else. Frustrated frustrated frustrated. That's pretty much what my life was. Then on February 23rd on our 6 month anniversary, babe blew my world apart, and got on one knee, and placed the sweetest ring on my hand, after telling my dad I was the one, and taking me to the most romantic dinner i've ever been to. The rest of the year was simply a whirlwind. I married the man of my dreams. I graduated college. I found an amazing job surrounded by amazing people. I could not have been blessed more. THANK YOU GOD FOR SUCH A PERFECT YEAR.

Look forward to a blog post this week, telling about my perfect New Years Eve. Photo editing. Then it shall come. 

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