Monday, August 5, 2013

She's like a one way ticket, cause she can't come back.

I've got an issue.

I have a confidence issue.
Everyone, tells me i'm beautiful all the time, but it's really hard for me to accept.This issue is not with my face. This issue is with my body. I look at this picture, and it's like, wow, I look really good. My eyes, my nose, my lips, all look nice and my skin is perfectly clear. But then, I see pictures of myself... full body, and I want to cry. I had my bridal shower yesterday and Dyllon's mom posted pictures from it, and I just cringed. I don't look like the same person. HOW. HOW is that possible, I'm so lost. I can't figure it out, but none the less, this is what's going on. I feel hideous...If i could have a nice, trim, gorgeous body to match my life, my life would feel better. I wouldn't walk through it, tugging on my clothes, and trying to hide every lump and bump I may have. Because I have too many. I feel like that's all I am.

Oh, and fb done gone cray cray.

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