Monday, July 29, 2013

Does it have to end with death?

So this is what office life consists of. It's Monday and i'm day dreaming. I KNOW it's nice outside and that's where I wanna be.  I've been listening to Taylor Swift and church sermons all morning. I've had two coffee's, some sweet tea and a cool wrap from Chick Fila.  I feel like such a girl. I guess I should be doing office things, like working on ads and such, but I just can't make myself focus. It feels like fall to me. I want fall. I'm not ready for school, but i'm ready for September. I have a BAD case of wedding brain today. I think that's why i'm floating.  I'm just in a happy state of mind. Dyllon wants to do something after I get off work but I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I want to go to the park.  I wanna take lots of pictures today. I am so in love with my husband to be, it's never going to end, from I do, until forever. I will never be lonely again.

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