Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm STILL engaged?

I never knew it was possible to be this impatient..
But I am.
I want my wedding to be here so bad I can't stand it. Given that if it all of the sudden was tomorrow or something, I would be in MONDO trouble and probably have some kind of heart attack, given that.

  1. My vows aren't written.
  2. My dress ISN'T altered.
  3. The guys don't have their clothes.
  4. My maid of honor does not have her dress yet.
  5. I don't have any flowers.
  6. Haven't talked to the preacher.
  7. Haven't had the bridal shower.
  8. ALL of the invites aren't out yet.
  9. I don't have shoes.
  10. Or a veil.
  11. Or a garter.
  12. Or a wedding cake....

I'm NOT procrastinating. This is just stuff that is supposed to fall into place the last 2 months, and since it hasn't yet, I feel panicky.. 
My dress alteration appt. is on July 25th, should be back by August 15th. I am going to bend Dyllon's arm until he gets the guys clothes. I need to write my vows.. that IS all my fault.. 
Flowers, are slowly being taken care of, by Dyllon's granny.
Invites are going out. All will be out by next paycheck. 
I will also have my veil. Dyllon is buying the garter, and I'M GOING TO GET SHOES..
Dyllon's aunt Fran wants to do the cake. So i need to breathe....

omg.. i need my wedding bands.


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